CAW : CreAktivWeeK

By constantly creating, we create our own, we maintain, and are aware of life. The experience of ourselves, the world around us, our ideas, our movements – our life. CreActiveWeek will be held in locations where far-reaching ideas were written or came to be, and their creators thus inscribed themselves in a special way in the history of humankind.


Verse first of all. We need to wipe the dust off the poetry in us and around us. Open up and feel the senses and leave the verse to us.
Verse first of all. The verse unites the experiences of all the senses and names them with itself. From the gap to step with the healing power of poetry.
Aphotecaries of poetry know how to raise awareness, encourage and nurture poetry in themselves, others and society.

AP Method Certification allows you to qualify for that call.


However much our past intertwines with our present, do not let it overpower our future. My coaching is oriented towards the future for which we find the content, strength, and strategy in the present.

I advise you on life intersections (orientation coaching, life coaching), on breaking the weights of the past (YellowFish – creative techniques), and actualizing new ideas and knowledge, as well as on clarifying your gaze turned towards the future (entrepreneurship and philosophical consulting).


Am I or am I just becoming? Is the border of my freedom the freedom of another’s border? Can one be one’s own in a world of others’? Does the question know what it means to ask oneself?
NACQ necklace of answers created with questions is a method for encouraging creativity, overcoming fears by identifying fears, determining their borders, and facing them with the person who loses the identity of a scaredy-cat and becomes knowledgeable, wanting to know the characteristics of fear. A person who asks (themselves) and answers with a question actively participates in finding existential landmarks.


Philosophy – Culture – Projects – Travelogues
India is an open, never-read-to-the-end book of life in which differences intertwine, supplementing each other.
India, the Firebird, and 108 peacock feathers.
India, the waterfall and fountain.
My understanding of India in philosophy and projects.